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About California Brazing & Nevada Heat Treating

  • California Brazing and Nevada Heat Treating are manufacturing sequence experts. We use our expertise in turnkey manufacturing, metal and ceramic brazing, heat treating services and CNC machining to deliver critical components for manufacturing customers.
  • California Brazing and Nevada Heat Treating is owner managed and we keep the focus on the customer: On Time, On Budget, Superior Quality Every Time.
  • Our innovative and experienced team has worked together for years – and in some cases, decades!
  • We recognize that delivering critical components often requires timely and efficient delivery of critical inputs, so we are experts at Supply Chain Management.
  • The delivery of the initial component is merely the first step in a long-term partnership. We want to develop an Integrated Program for manufacturing critical components to our customers.

Our Approach to Aluminum Brazing and Heat Treating Services

We understand you are looking for solutions to complex problems.You want precision-made components that perform exceptionally well and are delivered on time and on budget. You bring us in for our expertise in aluminum and metal brazing, and heat treating services, because we are a quality partner.

At California Brazing/Nevada Heat Treating, we begin every project, no matter how simple or complex, with a detailed discussion of your objectives. We then create a plan, including options, timelines and costs, and implement it, making any necessary adjustments along the way. We also look for ways to continuously improve the process.

From heat treating services and aluminum brazing, to CNC machining, component development and turnkey manufacturing, we have the capacity, experience and flexibility to give your products the competitive edge.

Work with Our Team of Experienced Experts

Building successful, long-term relationships comes naturally at California Brazing/Nevada Heat Treating. It starts with our dedicated staff, including engineers, metallurgists, technicians, machinists, and a core management team that has worked together for more than a decade.

To ensure every client receives exceptional customer service, our team is comprised of people with diverse experience and educational backgrounds. The members of our team are recognized experts, and several of our team members hold leadership positions in industry organizations.