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We Offer Vacuum Furnace Brazing and Hydrogen Brazing

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NACAP Certified Vacuum Furnace Brazing and Hydrogen Brazing
NACAP Certified Vacuum Furnace Brazing and Hydrogen Brazing

As a trusted industry leader in brazing technology, California Brazing & Nevada Heat Treating features fully-equipped facilities to provide superior quality and value while meeting our clients' unique project demands. With the resources and experience to identify the precise process or cycle for your parts or assemblies, we can accommodate both simple and complex jobs so you get the most from brazing. Working with aluminum, copper, ceramic, and stainless steels, we offer an array of brazing alloys, including copper, gold, and other precious and non-precious brazing filler metals. Our NADCAP certified brazing services include: Vacuum furnace brazing, vacuum aluminum brazing and hydrogen brazing.

Some of the characteristics provided by our brazing processes include:

  • Reliability and consistency
  • Precise joining of thin and thick sections
  • Minimal distortion
  • Permanent bonding
  • High strength
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Brazing Service Capabilities:

Brazing Processes
High Temperature Vacuum Furnace Brazing
Aluminum Vacuum Furnace Brazing
Hydrogen Furnace Brazing
Active Metal Brazing of Ceramic to Metal
High and Ultra High Vacuum Compatibility
Brazing Alloys
Active Brazing Alloys
Other Precious Brazing Filler Metals
Other Non-Precious Brazing Filler Metals
Stainless Steel
Permanent bonding
High strength
Reliability and consistency
High ductility
Precise joining of thin and thick sections
Precise joining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Minimal distortion
Clean assemblies
Fast turnaround times
Significant cost savings
Industries Served
Alternative Energy
RF & High Energy Devices
Energy and Power
High Energy Physics
High Vacuum Applications
Homeland Security
Heat Exchangers
Heat Sinks
Cold Plates
Microwave and High Energy Components
Medical Devices
Radiation Targets and Detectors
RTP Lamp Housings
Wave Guides and Accelerators
Electrostatic Chucks
Electron Tubes
Main Equipment:

(2) Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnace
Work Zone: 48" Wide x 62" Long x 38" High

(1) High Temperature Vacuum Furnace
Work Zone: 48" Wide x 65" Long x 33" High
All Metal Hot Zone with Cryogenic and Turbomolecular Pumps

(4) High Temperature Vacuum Furnace
Work Zone: 36" Wide x 48" Long x 36" High

(2) Hydrogen Bell Furnace
Work Zone: 38" Diameter x 40" High

(1) Vacuum/Hydrogen Cold Wall Furnace
Work Zone: 30" Diameter x 65" High

(1) Vacuum/Hydrogen Cold Wall Furnace
Work Zone: 8" Diameter x 15" High

(2) Controlled Atmosphere Furnace
Work Zone: 28" Wide x 45" Long x 26" High

(8) Air Temper / Age Furnace

(2) Cryogenic Freezer
Work Zone: 15" Wide x 46" Long x 20" High

Ancillary Equipment
Mass Spectrometer Helium Leak Detectors
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Stations
Nitrogen Pressure Testing Stations
Multi-Gas Electronic Dew Point Testers
Class 1,000 Clean Room
Class 10,000 Clean Room
Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Line
Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA)
Infrared Scanning/Imaging Camera
Inspection Microscopes
(1) Wilson Indentron Rockwell Hardness Tester with SPC CapabilityGTA and MIG Welders
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2008
  • AC7102 NADCAP criteria for heat treating
  • AWS C3.6M/C3.6:2008 Furnace Brazing
  • AWS C3.7M/C3.7:2005 Vacuum Aluminum Brazing
  • Furnace Brazing (Customer Specifications)
  • AMS 2750D Pyrometry
Customer Approvals:
  • Aerojet
  • Areva / Siemens
  • GE Aviation
  • General Dynamics
  • Honeywell
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Moog
  • Parker Aerospace
  • PCC / Wyman-Gordon

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