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Heat Sinks, Cold Plates and Other Thermal Management Devices, to Aerospace Manufacturing Specs

Aerospace CNC machining to the highest standards make us a vendor for critical thermal management devices

California Brazing & Nevada Heat Treating specialize in manufacturing devices for conducting heat into and out of highly specialized systems, from aerospace heat sinks to fuel cell components and everything in between. Our processes are appropriate for a diverse range of industries, including military, defense and aerospace, energy and power, alternative energy, medical, and semiconductor sectors. We work primarily with aluminum, copper and stainless steels in developing cold plates and heat exchangers, which depend on air, gas, and liquid cooling media. We make aluminum cold plates, vacuum brazed cold plates, aluminum heat sinks and other kinds of thermal management devices.

Because we’re committed to the quality of our thermal management systems and devices, we are AS9100, ISO 9001:2008, and Nadcap certified, and can meet a variety of AMS standards. And our in-house precision CNC milling equipment, aluminum vacuum brazing, supply logistics and assembly/test make us a full-service turnkey vendor for aerospace components.

To learn how our thermal management systems and devices can work for you, please contact California Brazing/Nevada Heat Treating today.

Heat Sinks, Cold Plates and Thermal Management Capabilities:

Manufacturing Capabilities
Build to PrintFull Machine Shop Capabilities
Stainless Steel
System & Device Type
Cold Plates (Cooling Plates)
Aerospace Heat Sinks
Custom Heat Sinks
Electronic Heat Sinks
Heat Exchangers
Medical Device Heat Sinks
Cooling Media
Industries Served
Military / Defense / Homeland Security
Alternative Energy
Energy and Power
Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2008

  • AC7004 NADCAP criteria for quality systems
  • AC7101/5 NADCAP criteria for rockwell hardness testing
  • AC7102 NADCAP criteria for heat treating
  • AMS 2750 Pyrometry
  • AWS C3.6M/C3.6:2008 Furnace Brazing
  • AWS C3.7M/C3.7:2005 Vacuum Aluminum Brazing
  • Furnace Brazing (Customer Specifications)AMS 2759/1 Heat treatment of steel parts (<220ksi)
  • AMS 2759/2 Heat treatment of steel parts (>220ksi)
  • AMS 2759/3 Precipitation hardening / maraging steel parts
  • AMS 2759/4 Austenitic corrosion-resistant steel parts
  • AMS 2759/5 Martensitic corrosion-resistant steel parts
  • AMS 2759/7 Carburizing of steel parts
  • AMS 2759/9 Hydrogen embrittlement relief (baking) of steel parts
  • AMS 2769 Vacuum heat treating
  • AMS 2774 Nickel and cobalt base alloys
  • AMS 6875-H-CL-A Carbon and low alloy raw material
  • AMS 6875-H-CL-B Martensitic corrosion-resistant raw material
  • AMS 6875-H-CL-C Austenitic corrosion-resistant raw material
  • AMS 6875-H-CL-D Precipitation hardening/maraging raw material
  • MIL-H-6875 Refer to AMS-H-6875
Customer Approvals:
  • Aerojet
  • Areva / Siemens
  • GE Aviation
  • General Dynamics
  • Honeywell
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Moog
  • Parker Aerospace
  • PCC / Wyman-Gordon