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Background photoQuote: your brazed aluminum assembly is a key component of the Mars Rover Program
Background photoQuote: innovative aerospace component manufacturing solutions critical to our the International Space Station
Background photoQuote: your attention to detail in aluminum vacuum brazing and hydrogen brazing are essential in manufacturing the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart
Background photoQuote: your expertise in CNC machining and aluminum cold plate assemblies make you a trusted partner in supplying turnkey manufacturing for our elevator control systems

We’re a trusted AS9100 certified company in brazing services. Our fully-equipped facilities with nine vacuum furnaces (including three aluminum vacuum brazing furnaces and three cold wall hydrogen brazing furnaces) provide superior quality and value while meeting our clients’ unique project demands. Our furnace brazing capabilities include active metal brazing of ceramics, refractory and reactive metals, including copper. We’re proud to offer vacuum furnace brazing services, vacuum aluminum brazing and hydrogen brazing, capable of meeting AWS C3.6 Brazing Specifications with independent furnace calibrations and uniformity surveys to AMS 2750E.

California Brazing’s in-house managed services for turnkey manufacturing range from prototyping and production design to manufacturing components, assembly, testing and supply-chain management. With our technical expertise, creativity, and attention to detail, we can solve the most complex, precise manufacturing challenges. Your company can out-pace the competition, supported by our decades of expertise in lean manufacturing operations and logistics. It’s this deep knowledge of critical outside processes which ensures uniformly high quality products with a fast transition time from production to market.

Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art CNC machine shop is designed to help streamline our client’s various manufacturing processes, which reduces costs and improves quality while also providing quick turnaround times. We machine aluminum, copper, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, titanium and refractory metals, using software from Solidworks and MasterCAM. Our horizontal machining cell includes a 27, 12, 7 and a new 15 pallet system. High speed milling up to 48k RPM with horizontal machining work envelopes up to 26 inches cubed and vertical machining work envelopes up to 62″ x 40″ x 60.”

We have expertise in developing thermal management devices for highly specialized systems. We have experience with liquid-cooled and air-cooled cold plates and heat exchangers for a broad range of products, including lasers, radar-EMR, power supplies, alternative energy technologies and more. California Brazing has developed heat sinks, cold plates and thermal management systems for defense and aerospace, energy and power, alternative energy, medical, and semiconductor industries.

With a focus on electronics cooling and thermal management, we perform braze joint, thermal, and flow examination. Design verification and analysis services include mass spectrometer helium leak testing, burst and proof pressure testing, and flow and pressure drop testing. Brazed joint and heat treat verification includes hardness testing, tensile testing and metallography testing. NDE testing includes ultrasonic and radiography testing. We also perform expert material selection and ensure all component designs offer seamless manufacturability.

California Brazing is an AS9100 certified company, using the ISO9001:2015 quality system model, as well as being AMS 2750 accredited.