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California Brazing Expands Capacity to Meet Growing Demand

Newark , CA – California Brazing recognizes the Aerospace industry’s need for optimal thermal processing equipment.  They are continuing to expand their capacities to better support the industry’s increased demand for aluminum brazing services. California Brazing offers manufacturing sequence expertise with capabilities for rapid prototyping through turnkey manufacturing of brazed assemblies.  This includes furnace brazing, machining and outside process supplier management. They recently purchased their fourth vacuum aluminum brazing (VAB) furnace .
This new VAB furnace features a 38″ x 40″ x 62″ (964 mm x 1,016 mm x 1,575) all-metal hot zone with a 1,500-pound (680 kg) load capacity.  It operates at temperatures of 500 deg F to 1,200 deg F (260 deg C to 650 deg C) with +/-5 deg F (+/-3 deg C) temperature uniformity. It is also equipped with a 35-inch diffusion pump and Ipsen’s CompuVac(R) controls system. Featuring multiple individually controlled heating zones, Ipsen’s vacuum aluminum brazing furnaces provide fast cycle times and precise, uniform heating of the workload. 

“California Brazing is ….continuing to invest in in brazing and machining equipment”
According to Jeff Ager, General Manager at California Brazing, “California Brazing is committed to meeting our customers’ requirements by continuing to invest in brazing and machining equipment to further improve capabilities, lead times and quality.” As such, California Brazing will use this VAB furnace to expand their capacity and manufacture a variety of aluminum-brazed assemblies, such as cold plates, heat exchangers, waveguides and antennas, for their customers in the Aerospace, Defense and Semiconductor industries.
As the aerospace industry expands, they require components that promote outstanding solutions regarding precise temperature measurement, supreme gas and combustion control, and smooth transitions. Additionally, it is important to consider the effects of energy usage and environmental preservation. California Brazing continues to research and invest in the highest quality in products and services to increase their capabilities to support the growing demands for Aluminum Vacuum Brazing.