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Vacuum Aluminum Brazing

vacuum-brazingAluminum vacuum brazing is typically accomplished in a vacuum furnace and used for very high reliability brazing applications. It is a fluxless, clean process where the braze filler material is usually preplaced in the joint and is 100% dense. Vacuum brazing creates a joint with strong structural integrity that will not destruct under intensive pressure.  The joint can be machined after brazing, even drilled.

Aluminum vacuum brazing is most successful when the part design has a flat surface. This is because pressure needs to be applied in order to break down the oxide layer in the aluminum so that the filler metal can melt and diffuse past the oxide layer into the base metal.  In aluminum vacuum brazing, there is no post-braze cleaning. However, more precise machining prior to the vacuum process is required.  Below is a typical manufacturing sequence for a Vacuum Brazed Aluminum part.

Vacuum Brazed Aluminum Manufacturing Sequence

  • Rough Machine components
  • Chemical Clean
  • Assemble with Braze Alloy
  • Fixture and Braze
  • Braze joint verification
  • Post Braze heat treat
  • Final Machine
  • Braze joint verification
  • Finishing operations (plating)

California Brazing’s  Director of Aerospace Business Development was utilized as a reference for this definitive article on vacuum aluminum brazing in Advanced Materials & Processes by ASM International, Understanding Key Process Parameters of Vacuum Aluminum Brazing.

California Brazing specializes in vacuum brazing of aluminum capable of meeting applicable standards specified by the AWS C3.6 Brazing Specification and AMS 2750 Pyrometry Specification , and is more than able to use this ability to meet whatever challenges our customers present. For further details on California Brazing’s vacuum aluminum brazing services, contact us today, or file an instant request for quote.