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We Provide Vacuum Furnace Brazing Services for AS9100 Quality

Vacuum furnace brazing is a metal joining process that takes place in a chamber known as a vacuum furnace at well below atmospheric pressure. When compared with other processes, this joining technique offers significant advantages: durable, flux-free braze joints of high structural integrity. Rigorous temperature uniformity is maintained on the part while being heated in a vacuum, drastically paring down residual stresses due to slow heating and cooling cycles, and imparts heat treating or age hardening of the finished pieces, within the one furnace firing.

The use of a vacuum furnace allows for several joints to be joined simultaneously, while the whole component achieves its requisite brazing temperature. While different materials each have their different brazing temperatures, all of them (once heated to the proper degree) are able to achieve thin and thick part cross-sections which are swiftly combinable. Heat is thereby shifted from the furnace to the component via radiation. Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and ceramic are all applicable materials for using the vacuum furnace brazing technique.

California Brazing specializes in vacuum furnace brazing capable of meeting applicable standards specified by the AWS C3.6 and C3.7 Brazing Specifications and can apply these capabilities to whatever the task required. For more information on California Brazing’s vacuum furnace brazing services, contact us today, or file an instant request for quote.