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Vacuum Brazed Aluminum Cold Plates

Cold plates are fluid heat exchangers designed for efficient heat extraction from cutting-edge electronic systems.  We work primarily with aluminum, copper and stainless steels in developing cold plates and heat exchangers, which may depend on air, gas, and liquid cooling media. More frequently than not, they are fabricated from wrought aluminum on account of the element’s corrosion resistance, heat transference, density, and cost-effectiveness. In recent years, cold plates have successfully made the transition from the dip braze process (high susceptibility to corrosion problems due to entrapped salt/flux) to a cleaner vacuum (fluxless) aluminum brazing process.  Such aluminum cold plates are brazed in ultra-refined, ultra-high vacuum furnaces, with multiple zones of temperature control, and temperature uniformity throughout the work zone of less than +/-5˚F.

CA Brazing has full vacuum brazed aluminum cold plate capabilities and can apply them to whichever the assignment at hand. Manufacturing high-quality products with quicker turnarounds at reduced costs, we invite you to contact California Brazing to learn more about our comprehensive turn-key services. For more information on California Brazing’s vacuum brazed aluminum cold plate technology and services, contact us today, or file an instant request for quote..