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Vacuum Brazed Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Services

A vacuum brazed heat exchanger is an industrial apparatus constructed for purposes of efficient heat transfer from one medium to the next. In all likelihood, the two media are divided from one another by a solid wall. The wall enables them never to mix, or otherwise make contact. Applications for vacuum brazed heat exchangers are multifarious. Aerospace, defense, heavy industrial, automotive, and semiconductor manufactories are all likely users of such devices. There are several types of heat exchangers, some of the more common being:

  • Shell and Tube
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Plate/Fin Heat Exchanger
  • Fluid Heat Exchanger
  • Waste Recovery Units (WHRU)
  • Phase Change
  • Direct Contact


CA Brazing has full vacuum brazed heat exchanger manufacturing capabilities and can apply them to whatever the assignment required. For more information on California Brazing’s vacuum brazing and turnkey manufacturing capabilities, contact us today, or file an instant request for quote.