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Braze Joint Design Verification and Optimization for the Heavy Machinery Industry

California Brazing was recently contracted by a client from the heavy machinery industry to develop a braze joint design and manufacturing process that would maximize the shear strength and wear life of their product. Using cast and wrought alloy grade materials, we were able to fulfill our client’s requirements for increased product strength and durability while also helping to quickly bring our customer’s merchandise to market.

California Brazing was placed in charge of establishing all technical specifications while also managing product quality and test requirements. Meeting ISO9001:2008 industry standards, we performed a combination of vacuum furnace brazing, heat treating, and hardening processes to ensure our client’s product met with their unique stipulations. In addition, we also defined and ordered all appropriate materials for this project, and supplied full documentation for all process validations and verifications, including testing reports, certificates of conformance, and furnace profile charts.

After all brazing and hardening operations were completed, California Brazing then managed the supply chain for this product, as well as scheduling the distribution, while developing and tracking production schedules. In addition, we generated and released all manufacturing documentation. Managing all aspects of production and supply chain fulfillment, California Brazing worked closely with our client to develop a brazing process that would provide better wearability and strength for their product, while also ensuring swift advancement to the marketplace. Exceeding customer expectation for quality, our client’s product is currently being manufactured completely by California Brazing in high production volumes.

Braze Joint Design Verification Specifications:

Product DescriptionWe were contracted to provide Braze Joint Design Verification and Optimization that would maximize the shear strength and wear life of their product.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Establishing Technical Requirements
Managing Quality and Test Requirements
Documenting Process Validations and Verifications
Defining And Ordering Materials
Scheduling and Supply Chain Management
Generating and Releasing Manufacturing Documentation
Developing and Tracking Production Schedules
Vacuum Brazing
Vacuum Heat Treating
Vacuum Hardening
Vacuum LevelHigh Vacuum (10-5) and Partial Pressure
Backfill Gas
Dewpoint: -90°F Min. Per CGA G-10.1 2008Purity: 99.999% Min. Per CGA G-10.1 2008
Furnace Leak Back Requirements5 Micron Per Hour
Materials Worked With
Cast and Wrought Alloy Grades

Alloy Grades:
Documentation Requirements
Testing Reports
Certificates of Conformance
Furnace Profile Charts
Customer Testing Requirements
Shear Testing
Tensile Testing
Hardness testing
Industry for UseHeavy Machinery
ApplicationWear Resistance
Standards MetISO 9001:2008
Customer On-Site Audit
Testing Specifications
Process SpecificationsAWS C3.6M/C3.6:2008
Pyrometry and Instrumentation CalibrationAMS 2750D (±10°F from 900°F to 2150°F)
Product NameBrazed Assembly