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High-Vacuum Annealing of Ultra-Clean / High Performance Welding Wire

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This critical welding wire presented California Brazing with a unique heat treating challenge: the project required vacuum annealing to obtain minimum physical properties without yielding detectable surface contamination or oxidation. To achieve these requirements, we used high-vacuum annealing in the 10-6 Torr Range vacuum level. We used a combination of nickel and cobalt base superalloys, and adhered to ASTM E18, ASTM E10 and ASTM E8 testing specifications. Our customer’s testing requirements included hardness and tensile testing, as well as surface analysis. We provided our client with testing reports, certificates of conformance, and furnace profile charts. When we were certain we had met and surpassed our client’s expectations, we delivered the high-performance welding wire to our client, to be used in turbine and aerospace structural repair applications.

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Ultra-Clean / High Performance Welding Wire Specifications:

Heat Treating Challenge:Vacuum anneal to obtain minimum physical properties while yielding no detectable surface contamination or oxidation.
Customer Testing Requirements:Hardness Testing / Tensile Testing / Surface Analysis
Customer Documentation Requirements:Testing Reports / Certificates of Conformance / Furnace Profile Charts
Testing Specifications:ASTM E18 / ASTM E10 / ASTM E8
Industries:Aerospace / Military & Defense / Nuclear / Energy
Application:Turbine and Structural Repair
Alloy:Nickel and Cobalt Base Superalloys
Alloy Grades:AISI / SAE / AMS / AWS / Proprietary / Custom Vacuum Melted
Process:High-Vacuum Annealing
Lead Time:24 hours (maximum)
Vacuum Level:10-6 Torr Range
Backfill Gas Dewpoint:-90°F (minimum) per CGA G-10.1 2008
Backfill Gas Purity:99.999% mole (minimum) per CGA G-10.1 2008
Process Specifications:AMS 2759 / AMS-H-6875 / MIL-H-6875 / AMS 2769 / AMS 2774 / Special Customer Requirements
Pyrometry and Instrumentation Calibration:AMS 2750D (+/- 10°F from 900°F to 2150°F)
Furnace Leak-Back Requirements:5 micron per hour (maximum)
Quality Systems:AC7004 / AC7102 / ISO9001:2008
Approvals Required:Customer / Aerospace Prime
Accreditations Required:Nadcap