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Assisting Customer in Outsourcing of Their Complete Manufacturing Process

When a client approached California Brazing  about outsourcing a complete manufacturing process, there were several problems they were looking to solve. Suffering from dated brazing equipment and a decline in brazing technical expertise, they also needed to gain additional floor space for core processes. Additionally, they weren’t interested in investing in non-core processing processes. An ideal potential vendor would have process-specific technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, as well as the ability to manage a complex bill of materials and supply chain. The ideal vendor would also feature mature and proven business processes, existing quality approvals and accreditations, and process control with SPC analysis.

By outsourcing the complete manufacturing process to California Brazing—including purchasing, machining, clean room assembly, brazing, inspection, and testing—our client was able to effectively resolve their process-related issues. Working in three distinct phases, we were able to completely transition our client’s production.

During the first phase, our client outsourced only brazing services; during the second phase, our client outsourced both brazing and assembly services; and during the third phase our client outsourced the remainder of the process. California Brazing effectively met and surpassed all our client’s requirements.

To talk about the possibilities and efficiencies of our outsourcing assistance in your manufacturing processes, please contact California Brazing.

Manufacturing Process Outsourcing Assistance Specifications:

Customer Problem:- Losing brazing technical expertise
- Need to gain additional floor space for core processes
- Dated brazing equipment
- Lack of interest in investing in non-core process offerings
Requirements for Potential Vendor:- Process specific technical expertise
- State of the art equipment
- Ability to manage complex bill of materials and supply chain
- Mature and proven business processes
- Process control with SPC analysis
- Existing quality approvals and accreditations
Solution:Customer outsourced their complete manufacturing process, including purchasing, machining, clean room assembly, brazing, inspection, and testing to California Brazing.
  • Phase I: Customer to outsource brazing services only.
  • Phase II: Customer to outsource assembly and brazing services.
  • Phase III: Customer to outsource complete (purchasing, machining, assembly, brazing, inspection, and testing)
Acceptance Criteria:Mechanical, Electrical, Helium Leak Testing, Pressure Testing, Flow Testing
Certification Requirements:Raw material certification, Inspection Reports (CMM), Certificates of Conformance
Testing Specifications:AWS C3.3, (need more here)
Application:Aerospace and Defense / High Energy Physics / Medical / Semiconductor / Life Sciences
Base Materials:Metalized Ceramics / Oxygen Free Copper C101/ 304 Stainless Steel / Kovar / Quartz
Manufacturing Processes:Vacuum Brazing / Hydrogen Brazing / Machining / clean room assembly / precision cleaning
Vacuum Level:10-5 Torr Range
Partial Pressure Range:10 Torr (maximum)
Partial Pressure Gas:Hydrogen
Backfill Gas Dewpoint:-90°F (minimum) per CGA G-10.1 2008
Backfill Gas Purity:99.999% mole (minimum) per CGA G-10.1 2008
Process Specifications:AWS C3.6M/C3.6:2008
Pyrometry and Instrumentation Calibration:AMS 2750D (+/- 10°F from 900°F to 2150°F)
Vacuum Furnace Leak-Back Requirements:5 micron per hour (maximum)
Quality System Requirements:ISO9001:2008 / AS9100B
Approvals Required:Customer